We caught up with Author Megan from Learning Lotuses about her mindfulness for kids book

We had a really interesting e-interview with Megan - enjoy!

When did you know you wanted to write?

I have always been a writer. I started writing poems and short stories when I was young. I used to write them as gifts for my family members. My mom published one of my poems in a local newspaper once. She has copies of everything I have ever written.

I also kept a journal when I was young.

There was a time in my life when I wasn't writing. Or I guess I shouldn't say I wasn't writing- I was- but I was completing my Bachelors degree. I love school and I going to University was definitely one of the highlights of my life but it wasn't until I completed my Master’s degree that I really began writing again. My Masters degree focused on yoga and mindfulness in education so I was really in my writing element then!

When did you get into yoga and mindfulness as a personal practice?

I began practicing yoga around the end of 2014. I was going through a really hard time personally and professionally and I began to go to the gym a lot to relieve some of that stress. I found myself on the floor stretching and breathing (at the time I had never practiced yoga and didn't really realise that that was what I was doing) than on the actual gym equipment.

So I began to practice yoga on my own and went on to do my yoga teacher training.

When did you recognise that these practices would become central to your long-term plans and goals?

Almost immediately after I began my own practice! Yoga and mindfulness helped me so tremendously and I knew I wanted to share this practice with others.

I had no real plan so I just did when I felt was right and completed a 200hour yoga teacher training. After that training, I realised that I wanted to teach kids. I love teaching yoga to adults as well but kids have always had a place in my heart.

So I completed two more yoga and mindfulness certifications and began my practice teaching kids!

What inspired you to write this book?


It really is that simple. I love kids and have worked with them in many different capacities my whole life. From being one of the oldest of 18 grandchildren, to planning recreational activities at the local library and town hall, to working in foster care, I feel like I’ve done it all!

I was helping my sister open her daycare at the time I wrote this book. Writing has always come very naturally to me and so it seemed like this was the perfect way to introduce them to breathing techniques they could practice.

I found an illustrator and voila!

Who is the artist who completed the illustrations?

Her name is Kristina and she is fantastic! She is so talented and I just love her illustrations! I’m so envious of her skill! Haha!

Where does your inspiration for writing come from?

Sometimes I really don't know. I know this sounds ridiculous to a lot of people but there are literally times when I wake up feeling so inspired, i sit down in front of my computer, and the words just flow out of me.

That’s what happened with I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids. I wrote that book in one day!

Other times my inspiration comes from talking with my friends who have kids or from my classroom teaching experiences. When I see something that needs addressing, my response it “Oh! I’ll write a book about it!”

You’re currently teaching in South Korea, right?

Yes! I currently live in Korea where I teach ESL to an amazing group of kids!

Teaching here is a lot different than teaching in Canada because of the language barrier. In Canada, you are basically the only one in charge of everything for your classroom but, in Korea, you have a co-teacher who will help you out a lot! It was hard for me to go from doing it all on my own to having someone to help me but it really is amazing to have other people on your team that help you so much!

Where can I get a copy of I Can Breathe Like A… A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids?

What’s next for Learning Lotuses?

Many things I hope! Haha! I just soft-launched a new book called The Complete Yoga Curriculum. This is a book designed specifically for educators who want to bring yoga and mindfulness into their classroom but aren't sure how or don't have the support of their superiors. It includes information and research as well as analyses and goals/objectives. It also includes lesson plans and rubrics and a ton of resources!

After this book, there are two new children’s books on the horizon!